How to hang a painting

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First decide where you want to hang the painting. There are a lot of factors to take into account, such as the size, the height of the room, the lines of sight and the lighting. 

  1. Choice of format

    Hang the center of the painting at eye level. On average this is 1.65 m. In a small room, a big painting can make the room look bigger. Hanging a number of smaller paintings one above the other creates a feeling of height.

  2. First measure the positions of all the paintings

    Try to hang all the paintings as far as possible in line, as this gives the most regular appearance. When you’ve found the right location, hold the painting against the wall and choose the exact position. Small paintings can be hung with a single screw, but it’s better to use two screws for larger paintings. Mark the position of the first hole and use the spirit level for the position of the second hole. Check again that the second hole is horizontally aligned with the first.

  3. Step tip

    Follow the lines of the wall on which you are hanging a painting. It’s best to hang a wide painting on a wide wall, and a tall painting on a high wall. Large paintings are best hung against a large wall area, and smaller ones on a smaller area. Keep the surrounding area in mind when you buy the painting.
  4. What kind of wall plugs to use?

    For a brick or concrete wall use universal 6 mm wall plugs, with a drill bit of the same diameter. Use a masonry drill for brick or concrete.

  5. Lighting (optional)

    With the right lighting you can choose to accentuate the painting or illuminate it subtly. You’ll need to have a nearby wall power outlet or use an adjustable ceiling-mounted spotlight.

  6. Rail system

    Hanging a rail mounting system is very simple. These systems are ideal for hanging paintings and other decorations. Fit the rail at the top of the wall with screws and fixing clips. Then you can hang your paintings or other works of art at the desired heights, and you can easily change their positions whenever you want.

  7. Fitting a rail system

    Fit the fixing clips to the wall with a spacing of 40 cm using wall plugs and screws. Then click the profile into place on the clips. The wires on which your paintings hang slide into the rail, which is neatly finished with end caps. You can adjust the heights of the hooks on which your paintings hang.


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How to hang a painting

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